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Search of Ste Luce Cemetery in Frenchville, Maine

This form searches a database of the existing headstones in the Ste Luce cemetery, Frenchville, Maine. Other people are likely buried in the Ste Luce Cemetery, but their headstones no longer exist and were not included in the survey done in 1986 by John B Cahoon (1939-2011) nor that done by Antoine Paradisand Walter Fournier (1926-2010) in 2003. To their information, I have added parents and spouses where I could determine them from other sources.

You can search the database using any of the fields below, individually or in combination.You can also use the Simple Search to search for all occurences of a last name.

In order to use this form most effectively, please be sure to read the introduction to the database search.

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