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St Paul Cemetery in St Francis, Maine

This form searches a database of the people who were buried in the St Paul Congregational Cemetery in St Francis, Maine. The existing headstones in the cemetery were surveyed by Carol Pelletier in 2007. Don Raymond provided the listing and all the information contained therein. I designed the search and resulting reports based on the Ste Luce Cemetery search I created in 2005. I also added spousal relationships based on proximity of the graves and ages.
You can search the database using any of the fields below, individually or in combination. For women, the Last Name could be her married name or her maiden name. If the Last Name does not return your expected results, try searching by Maiden Name or using the Spouse Relationship fields.
You can also use the Simple Search to search for all occurences of a last name.

In order to use this form most effectively, please be sure to read the introduction to the database search.

Headstone Names
   Last Name
   First Name
   Maiden Name
   Report Type  
Date Born
Date Died
  Cemetery Location
     Lot Number
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Spouse Relationship      
Spouse's First Name Spouse's Last Name
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Parent Relationship
Father's First Name Father's Last Name 
Mother's First Name Mother's Last Name
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