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Benito Vasquez and Antoine Roy fur traders

Early in May 1794, at a meeting in St. Louis, arrangements were made for the year's Missouri fur trade. Four persons (Benito Vasquez, Bernal Sarpy, Laurent Durocher, and the lieutenant governor Zenon Trudeau) were to have equal shares of the Kansas trade. Auguste Chouteau was alloted the Pawnee Republic Indians. The Grand Osages' trade was divided into 12 shares (Cerré, Robidoux, Pierre Chouteau, Papin, and Clamorgan were five of the allottees), and the Little Osages' Traders (of whom there were four) included Roy and Pratte.
Ref: Nasatir, op. cit., v. 1, pp. 210, 211; Kinnaird, op. cit., v 4, p.279  [ The Nasatir citation refers to A. P. Nasatir's Before Lewis and Clark St. Louis, 1952) ]

At St. Louis, on May 12, 1794, an organization "La Compagnie de Commerce pour la Découverte des Nations du haud du Missouri" (better known as the "Missouri Company") was formed for the purpose of exploring and trading on the upper Missouri. Among its members were Auguste and Pierre Chouteau, Jean Papin, Benito Vasquez, Gregoire Sarpy, Jacinto St. Cyr, Joseph Robidoux, Gabriel Cerré, Antoine Roy, and Jacques Clamorgan (who was director of the company).
Ref: Houck's Spanish Regime..., v. 2, pp. 173-178; Nasatir, op. cit., v. 1, pp. 217, 218

Media TitleBenito Vasquez and Antoine Roy fur traders
Media Notesextract from Louise Barry's book, The Beginning of the West, Annals of the Kansas Gateway to the American West 1540-1854, page 38-39
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