Our Acadian, French Canadian, and Maine Veterans

Our Acadian, French-Canadian, and Maine Ancestors web site includes the following information on our military veterans:

We also honor our current living relatives who have participated in the Iraq War.

Our Military Ancestors

Our Military Ancestors page provides a brief synopsis of our ancestors who served in the military from the early days of the New France colony when the Carrignan-Salieres Regiment arrived to fight the Iroquois Indians to the Vietnam War. See the list of ancestors who fought in the regiment.

Civil War

Among the Civil War veterans we find the Boucher brothers and cousins on my wife's side of the family who were part of the 8th and 9th Maine Infantry Regiment. For the list of relatives who participated in the Civil War.

World War I

For the list of relatives who participated in the First World War.

Our site also includes a searchable database of World War I Veterans from Northern Aroostook County in Maine. See my recommended reading list on recent World War I books and maps of key battles in which the U.S. American Expeditionary Force (AEF) was involved.

World War II

For the list of relatives who participated in the Second World War.

See the Wikipedia on World War II and the World War II Timeline for an exhaustive day by day timeline, covering every event that occured during World War 2, by military theatre and in chronological order from 1939 through to 1945, which gives a fascinating insight into the most devastating war in our history.

See the National WWII Memorial and search the electronic World War II Registry of Americans who contributed to the war effort.

See the Avalon Project at the Yale Law School's collection of original World War II documents and the World War II Resources for more original documents.

The following relatives in our database gave their lives for their country in World War II:

  • Bernhard Daniels was killed in action during the Hedgerow warfare at St-Lô on 12 July 1944 as a member of Co D, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division.
  • Docithe Nadeau served as a turret gunner in the 511th Bomber Squadron, 351st Bomber Group, Heavy. He was shot down over the North Sea on 22 Dec 1943. He was a Staff Sergeant and is memorialized at the Cambridge American Cemetery in Cambridge, England. He was awarded the Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster.
  • Philip Wayne Nadeau was killed in action as a Private in the 22nd Infantry, 4th Infantry Division on 26 Nov 1944 in Battle of the Hurtgen Forest.
  • Gilbert Roy was killed in action in Rome, Italy on 22 Jun 1944.
  • Leopold Roy drowned while swimming the Moselle River in Epinal, France on 25 Jun 1945 as a member of the 82nd Airborne Div, 325th Glider Infantry.
  • Herman Soucie was killed in action during the Philippin Liberation as a member of the 127th Infantry, 32nd Division.
  • Albert Vincent, a medic, was killed in action in September 1944 in Brest, France.
  • Edward Voisine died of wounds on 22 Mar 1945 in England.
  • Edwin Voisine died of wounds on 5 Feb 1945 in France.

Korean War

For the list of relatives who participated in the Korean War.

See the Wikipedia on the Korean War and the detailed history of the forces sent by many of the United Nations member states that participated in the conflict in Korea.

See the Korean War Project and also the information on the founder of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

If you are a Korean War veteran who served in country or in direct support off the waters of Korea or in the air over Korea, see the Korean War web site on how to obtain the Korean War medal you are entitled to wear.

The following relatives in our database gave their lives for their country in the Korean War:

  • Rolland Patrick Morneault 2nd Lt in B Co, 179th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, was was seriously woulded by the enemy in North Korea on July 27, 1953 and died of those wounds later that day at Outpost Queen in Korea. The following tribute by a fellow soldier, Donald W. (Nick or Hank) Nicol, is shown on the Korean War Rememberance site.
    Second Lieutenant Morneault, mild and quiet, was an unlikely hero. He was the naive target of a practical joke by Lieutenant Capelli of Dog Company. Capelli pretended to be twins, one nice, the other his grumpy brother from Heavy Mortar Company. It took Morneault two or three weeks to figure out the joke, but he took it good naturedly.

    On the last day of the war, hours after the truce was signed, but hours before it would take effect, his bunker was hit by a direct fire weapon wounding everyone inside. Two were killed. Moreault worked at rescuing and evacuating his men while ignoring his own wounds. He bled to death before he, himself, was evacuated.

    An unlikely hero for sure--but a real one--and a loss to the world.

Vietnam War

For the list of relatives who participated in the Vietnam War. See also the following pages on the Ia Drang Valley veterans on Veterans Day 1995, Veterans Day 2005, Ia Drang 40th Anniversary, and the Ia Drang Sunrise Service in November 2005.

See the Vietnam Map that Mom kept from 1968 which displays a popup box when mousing over locations and indicates the relatives and friends who served there and the photos I took when in country.

The following relative in our database gave his life for his country in Vietnam:

  • Patrick Wilmer King (1939 - 1965) was killed in action at the battle of Ap Nha Mat which was fought near the Michelin Rubber Plantation which involved elements of the 1st Infantry Division and took place on 5 December 1965, according to the U.S. Army Center of Military History Historical Resource Branch Vietnam Interview (VNI) Collection. See the battle casualty list of Operation BUSHMASTER II on the Virtual Wall on David Brodeur's page.


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