The following photos were taken at the Ia Drang Veterans Sunrise Service in 2005 at the Wall. Additional photos were taken at the Veterans Day Celebration at the Wall, at the Hilton in Chrystal City, and ar the Omni Shoreham during the Ia Drang 40th Anniversary dinner. These photos are shown here as a tribute to all who served, especially those who gave their all for our country in the Pleiku and Ia Drang Valley Campaign in November 1965, and to those who are currently serving.

Ia Drang Veterans   
gathering before   
the sunrise service   
on Sunday Nov 12, 2005   
Night shots   
taken at the wall   
Chatting with Wall Volunteer   
Sunrise over   
Washington Monument   
First Team Color Guard   
Color Guard night shot   
Joe Galloway reading names   
Lt Gen Moore reading names   
Two actors hugging   
impacted by the ceremony   
after sunrise service   

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