The following photos were taken by Steven Roy when he was a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art on Veterans Day 1995 and submitted for one of his photography class projects, arranged around a quote to ponder from East of Eden by John Steinbeck. These photos are shown here as a tribute to all who served, especially those who gave their all for our country, and to those who are currently serving.

Veterans Day 1995 004-sm    
"I'll have you know
that a soldier is the
most holy of all humans   
Veterans Day 1995 007-sm    
because he is the
most tested --
the most tested of all   
Veterans Day 1995 005-sm    
I'll try to tell you.
Look now in all of
history men have been...   
Veterans Day 1995 006-sm
thaught that killing
of man is an evil
thing not to be countenanced   
Veterans Day 1995 008-sm    
Any man who kills
must be destroyed
because this is a great sin,   
Veterans Day 1995 009-sm    
maybe the worst sin
we know

Veterans Day 1995 011-sm    
And then we take
a soldier...
Veterans Day 1995 010-sm    
and put murder in
his hands and we
say to him,   
Veterans Day 1995 013-sm    
"Use it well
use it wisely"
Veterans Day 1995 012-sm    
We put no
checks on him.
Veterans Day 1995 015-sm    
Go out and kill as many
of a certain kind
Veterans Day 1995 014-sm    
or classification
of your brothers
as you can   
Veterans Day 1995 001-sm    
And we will reward
you for it   
Veterans Day 1995 003-sm    
because it is
Veterans Day 1995 001-sm    
a violation of your
early training"   
Quote to ponder from
East of Eden
by John Steinbeck,
page 24.

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Photos © copyright 1995 Steven Roy . All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

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